Project Management Templates the Critical Five

There are too many project management templates and other documents, checklists, spreadsheets that can be included in the project information management system.

And many informal documents will be created by project team members to record information or to make it easier for them keep track of progress or to explain the situation.

But remember the project management fundamentals and the KISS principle: “Keep it Sublimely Simple” and keep the formal project document set to the minimum.

Project Management Templates

So the five must-have project management templates are:

Project Assignment

The Project Assignment formally recognizes the existence of a project.

Project Plan

This is the document that pulls together the outputs from all your planning sessions.

Risk List

Is the tool for identifying, analysing and mitigating the risks that will impact the successful completion of a project.

Change Register

A simple change register and control form is all that is really needed. Watch out for the lecture on change management

Project Status Report

And the fifth critical document is the project status report

Once the project is rolling you will need to report the status to your stakeholders.

Download Project Management Templates

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