You Want to Be a Scrum Master

Scrum is the most popular agile framework today for rapid product development.

Scrum Master TrainingYet even today, over 30 years after the scrum framework was created, the demand for competent and skilled Scrum Masters outstrip supply.


Do you have what it takes to become a successful Scrum Master?

This scrum master course will provide you an overview of the agile/scrum framework, the scrum process flow and the skills, qualities and competencies needed by the key player in the game: You, the Scrum Master.

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Scrum / Agile Process Flow

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Before I dive into the details, I want to give you a high level overview of a typical scrum process. So that you will better understand the roles, the events and the artifacts that  I will be showing you in the following videos  Continue reading “Scrum / Agile Process Flow”

Agile Scrum or Waterfall for Product Development

In this post – Agile Scrum versus Waterfall, I compare managing a software development project with the traditional waterfall approach and to managing the same software development using the agile/scrum framework.

Waterfall Project Management

In a traditional waterfall project the project phases cascade, like a waterfall, the phases are done in series, maybe with a little overlap if the project manager feels the risk is acceptable Continue reading “Agile Scrum or Waterfall for Product Development”