Scope Statement Well Written

Proper scope management is critical to the success of any project, especially in terms of time and money. And one of the first tasks of any practical project manager is to develop a written scope statement.

A scope Statement

  • Forms the basis for agreement between customer and supplier
  • Will be the basis for all project related decisions
  • Will be used to determine whether the project has been completed
  • The written scope statement identifies both the project deliverables and project objectives.
  • It provides a basis for confirming or developing common understanding of project scope among the stakeholders

Before the project manager sits down in front of his trusty keyboard, he must have a clear understanding of the project.He will have:

  • Reviewed the contract
  • Memorised the project assignment given him by the project sponsor
  • Clarified the responsibilities between customer and supplier (documented in the statement of responsibilities)
  • Identified any constraints and work that is specifically excluded from the scope
  • Had discussions with the sponsor, the customer and other major stakeholders
  • Had meetings with the sales and negotiation teams

The scope statement can be a section within the project plan or can be a separate document.

The scope statement should include the following information:


An overview of the customers business needs in relation to the project and the business need the project was undertaken to address.

Product of the project:

A summary of the project deliverables.

Project Objectives:

Quantifiable goals in terms of time, money and technical quality that the project must achieve to be considered successful.

Supporting detail:

Description of all assumptions and constraints considered during the development of the scope statement.

Scope Management Plan:

A description of how the project scope will be managed and how agreed changes will be incorporated into the project deliverables.

There is usually a separate document describing the change control process and a cross reference to that document should be included in the scope management plan.

The scope statement should be reviewed and approved by the project sponsor.

The scope statement is the basis for further processes in the scope planning phase of the project, including scope definition, scope verification and scope change control.

Jeb Riordan (c) 2015

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