Scope Statement Well Written

Proper scope management is critical to the success of any project, especially in terms of time and money. And one of the first tasks of any practical project manager is to develop a written scope statement.

A scope Statement

  • Forms the basis for agreement between customer and supplier
  • Will be the basis for all project related decisions
  • Will be used to determine whether the project has been completed
  • The written scope statement identifies both the project deliverables and project objectives.
  • It provides a basis for confirming or developing common understanding of project scope among the stakeholders

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Scope Definition is Key or the Project Will Never Complete

Clear and unambiguous scope definition is paramount to successful completion of any project.

Without a clear and agreed and approved and signed-off scope definition there will always be confusion and delays in project completion because your customer will always be asking for more.

Both Parties Need to Sign-off on the Project Scope

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