Project Management Templates the Critical Five

There are too many project management templates and other documents, checklists, spreadsheets that can be included in the project information management system.

And many informal documents will be created by project team members to record information or to make it easier for them keep track of progress or to explain the situation.

But remember the project management fundamentals and the KISS principle: “Keep it Sublimely Simple” and keep the formal project document set to the minimum. Continue reading “Project Management Templates the Critical Five”

Project Closing – Do It Right First Time

How to Become a Successful and Practical Project Manager: Project Closing is designed for aspiring project managers, project team members and technical team members wanting to get more involved in managing the closing phase of a project.

Project Closing

This project closing training course is a follow-on course from How to Become a Successful and Practical Project Manager: Part 1 and part 2, and is structured around the premise that all projects have a beginning, a middle and an end, and that all successful projects follow a standardised project management methodology. Continue reading “Project Closing – Do It Right First Time”